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A month down with the new box and everything seem rosey.  We hope you are all enjoying the improved gaming experience.  Things for me have been pretty slick and smooth and we are hoping it's the same for every one.

The new web design has gone down well too.  It's worked out easier than anticipated and hopefully easier to navigate and see what's around.  If you have any problems or find any bugs please post up on the forums and we will have a look.

Keep on fragging!!

Big Thanks to SmokeDef for coming up with the concept art and the website artwork.  I've put it all together in a new look web site with a more TF2 feel and look.

Hope you all like it.  Please leave feedback on the forums or any bugs that you may find.

We've recently had an update to TF2.  As Valve has said it was classless but still it has caused much debate.  It also caused a loss of servers for some time due to some drastic changes and incompatibility with SourceMod.

Thanks to the SourceMod programmers a fix was forthcoming and we are back on line.  As with all "major" updates something always gives and this one is no different.

You may have realised you've lost your fancy 32 player scoreboard well I'm here to remind you that you can find it here.


Some of you maybe aware that FestersPlace has moved onto a new dedicatied server. for those fo you who are not, read on!

The move happened over the weekend which caused some very minor down time and we want to appoligse for that. The down time was unavoidable and so worth it ;)

The new server is Intel Core2Duo Extreme and should help us alot more with having higher fps in games and just generally help our community players have and nice smooth gaming experience with out lag.

The Specs:
Intel Core2Duo E6700 (Conroe) - 2 x 2.67Ghz 4MB L2 Cache.
2GB DDR2 PC5300 ram.
Sata Raptor 74GB 10,000k 16MB cache hard drive.

So thats it folks enjoy! :)

Looks like another message is doing the rounds on Steam.. Just had a "nobody" send me the following message:

YoNiC Hey there PGm, if you would like a free game please visit this link: to choose your game and login to confirm your choice. This is a one time promotional offer, limited free copies for a limited time hurry to get your free game now! Have fun !!

Thankfully Firefox 3.5 reported the site as possible Web Forgery, which I already knew but at least some of us may be forewarned.

Just thought I'd give the rest of you a heads up.

Phishing Scam:

PLEASE BE AWARE.  There is a currently a steam message doing the rounds using the above url in the message body that is not related to Steam in any way.

It looks very authetuc but it's not.  The page ultimately requires you to login but you are NOT signing into steam.  You are giving away your details to your steam account to some unscruplous nut sack.

If you are using Firefox then please make sure that you see "Valve Corporation" in green on the right hand side of the web address and that the web address is to make sure you are on the correct site.

Sadly IE is not so good at showing you this but please be prudent and vigilent.

If in doubt please use Steam to access it's Community and Shop.

Well it's not entirely true.  I've been a little on the lazy side in create new news post but this is an old YouTube Video that just make me chuckle and I think it's worth having on the home page for a while (Maybe it'll give me an incentive to remove it when I've had enough).

YouTube Stream

June 27th

We'll it's almost here.  Saturday night PUG.  Everyone has signed up and the teams have been set.  Sub's are ready and spectator's wait for the first of many PUG games.

If you haven't already seen the you'll find more information on our forums.

You'll also find some very handy links for tips and tricks on specific pug maps as well as some class playing tips.  All are worth watching and reading.  There's also a poll regarding the banning of the dreaded sandman.  Something the leagues have done to aid gameplay.

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