These are the comments posted by our regular players.

i started playing h/ldeathmatches over with the NIC boys and met jase and johnny(who raped me violently)so when i wanted to play ,well,more for fun  started on tf2.jase gave me a shout to join with the motu lads and we had some laughs but then came festers.Jase and fester kicked it all off with some help from my old mate nova made,in my humble opinion,THE best server on the net,A place where everyone was equal no matter of skills or gameing and ever since i have looked forward to playing on the servers.It is the whole community that has made this a special place and i truly thank everyone who has kept this place real and fkn good fun. Festerfest made it for me though,all us guys making an effort to meet,have fun and enjoy each others company in the flesh-FANTASTIC!

I found tf2 in the orange box in a free package that arrived with the ati 2900xt i built for a friend. Him being one of a few crazy lanheads i live with, after wed got his new rig running we fired up steam and started up tf2. A few days/weeks before that fester had called down to the gaf and was chattin bout the craic he was havin on this 2fort 24/7 server. I then joined the game there and got severely addicted to this random madness.
The first great shittalk sessions originally spawned on the 24/7 2fort server, That then blossomed into an encyclopedia of random bullshit and a network of crazy people much like myself who love to blast away the cold winter evenings with lots of tokin' n explodiin'. Festers Place Ahoy! Land ho!
As long as theres still shit to talk and people out of their mind enough in various ways to take their many hard earned hours out of each day, There will always be Festers Place!

"It was a month or two back, late one rainy saturday night, bleary-eyed I was, you know how it is when you just can't put down this damn game. Anyway, stumbled across this server.......f*cking funny, as everyone was p*ssed/stoned and language was appalling ,.....struck me as a bit of niche. Anyway, we were playing a real bad map called 'egypt', f*cking awful I was, but thats another story.

I hated the map, but was p*ssing myself all the same, so cheers. Haven't looked back since, good job FP!"

...and the rest is history. This server brings real meaning to the 'steam community' rhetoric, and long may it continue. FP....I wouldn't be seen anywhere else goddamnit

I followed LazyEagle onto the server one day last spring, not sure if it was his first day or not. Back then I was called dintbo though I did have bosco as my avatar. The first day I played I was really quiet (seriously) and just enjoyed the game and listening to all the crazy conversations. The following friday I decided to have a night in with a bottle of buckie or 2 and play a wee game. I decided to head back to that place with the crazy folks that talked non-stop to find out whether it was a one off or not; it took me 10 seconds to find out it was not. Fuelled by buckfast I wasn't really quiet that night. All the Irish people started calling me bosco cos of the avatar. Two things happened that night. I became dintbo (aka bosco), and I realised that this was the only server I wanted to play on cos I had never felt so welcome on any server before. To find a server full of such sound hillarious people was fantastic and so for that a huge thanks, firstly to Lazy for actually finding it, and secondly to everyone who plays here. TF2 is a great game but you guys make it fucking fantastic

i hadnt been playing tf2 for long when i came upon this wonderful, magical place full of drunks and stoners. The people were all very likeable and their humour appealed to me with wierd stories and talking random nonsense. I became a regular and the server hasnt traumatised me one bit since then but has helped me become a better player.
With people like jase and aonn on the mic talking nonsense and bosco's legendary singing it feels like a second home.

My first experience of TF2 was sitting at Ruairios pc and testing it out.
My very first impression was spawning in 2fort and seeing a soldier shovel-taunting at the wall before running out into the fray. I just started laughing. That was the start of a beautiful friendship.

I met Fester a few days later and conversation came around to TF2 and how much it rocked. A couple of days later I got an email from him "You have received a gift" Spam? no! a copy of TF2.

The first night I played it I followed Fester to this 24/7 2fort server, where I had an awesome time with some chatty english bloke called Jase "lets meet in the courtyard and fuck 'em up", a couple of the jonnies and some of the other regs. That was it, hooked. When Jase and Fester set up Fester's Place I had no idea what it would become. Now I am a junkie.

Thanks again Fester, best gift evaaaar!! Permanently indebted.