Ok folks the new rotation is up and running as of now..

We have added some Christmas cheer to the rotation with Ctf_SnowFort and Cp_SnowPath... also we have added 2 custom maps by members of the community Cp_timberfest by Foxof and Cp_Papercilp by Kab....

Dom_Canalzone has returned to the rotation due to popular demand... Pl_Dbheights has replaced pl_dustbowl a very similar map but with less choke points and from the standard maps of Team Fortess 2 we have added Cp_Badlands and Cp_Granary...

Hope some folks like it but we always expect some complaints :D


Our great server admin god, Del has come across this great little program.  It allows you to view your TF2 stats in more detail.

You can download from our Vault

To get it to work, download it and extract it somewhere. Choose one of the 3 TF2Stats.exe’s based on your .NET framework version (if you’re unsure, launch NET 2).

Hit “Load”, then open up *your steam directory*\SteamApps\*your steam name*\team fortress 2\tf\tf2_playerstats.dmx. And you have it!

NOTE! It seems that the stats viewer isn’t always reporting death values properly, so if it says you have a kill:death ratio of 9.9, something is probably wrong. Unless you’re that good. It worked fine for me, but fellow ubercharger General Balls reported crazy-inflated stats. It’s not the Stats Viewer’s fault, but rather because of a faulty tf2_playerstats.dmx. I can’t help you there.

But for all you know, you’ll find some very interesting stats about how you play. I, for one, just realized how bad I am at scout looking at those stats. Wow. That’s crazy talk. I think I’ll sticky (bad pun) with the Black Scottish Cyclops until further notice…

Nice find Del :)

Well typed too soon.  Del has found an alternative to the above.  This one comes complete with a nice picture viewer and stuff.

You can get that one from The Unofficial Team Fortress 2 Stats Parser

Left 4 Dead demo servers have been replaced with full game servers, connection details remain the same as below.

In addition the servers can be connected to through the Community group option. Just be a member of the Festers Place Steam Community group and the servers should appear to you in your game menu screen.

L4D Demo

There are two servers running at the minute, we will leave them running for the duration of the demo (until the 18th or so)

You wont find them in the server browser, we want to keep them for Fester's Place regulars, but not password protected

You can find them at


Both are set to hard difficulty, to connect to them enable developer console by going to Options, then Keyboard/Mouse, then 'Enable Developer Console'.

After that, hit the ~ key to open up the console and type in connect where port is one of the above

You can then add to your favs so you dont need to do that again

Remember: You can change the settings during your game by calling a vote.  Hit ESC to call up the menu and select Call a Vote.

After a lot of hard work by all its looking like we have made it finally.
1 A nearly full or full server most nights.
2 A rocking server finally with no lagg.
2 A kick ass wesite and active forum
4 A sound bunch of girls and guys that make this place special.

I really want to thank you all for sticking with it from the old CK's 32 slot hacked server to the many server changes to the present day.

YOU ALL ROCK ( for want of a better word )

Ranked 15th in the UK and climbing and 150th in the world approx on Gametrakker :greentoke:

Smokes and tokes to all :greentoke:



Here at Festers Place we pride ourselves on giving you the best all round Team Fortress 2 experience.  As you may have already noticed we run a server with custom maps and all-talk amongst two options.  This means it's more important to have your Mic settings correct so you don't come across too loud or too distorted when you speak.

We happily put together a quick help page detailing settings in Windows XP.

Find out how to do it here.

A few folks have been asking when are they going to get the story of last weekends festerfest. Rest asured it is on its way, some of us are still a little braindead so its just taking a lttle time. Watch this space!!!

It's ten to eight on Friday night and all is well.  Everyone is here getting slowly pissed.. here's a tid bit.


The weekend beginning Friday 24th October will see the first of (hopefully) many gatherings of festers regulars in Galway, now affectionately known as festerfest. Our host for the weekend will be jased10s and what a weekend he has planned, the highlight being 'friday night mashup live', where we take over a games cafe in Galway from 9 Friday night till 7 Saturday morning. It has even been rumoured that MuG will come out of hiding and join the jolly warriors. Even as you read this Fester's crown and throne are being polished for the occasion. Massive respect to all those travelling for the occasion, and if you're no able to make it, then get on the server Friday night and be with us in spirit.

Ok sorry to make this such short notice but.... the move is happening as i type, we aim to go live tomorrow.

Our new home is no ip anymore just type that into your add server to favorites

also the forum will be moving and its new home will be ... a post will be made here when the forum under is fully swapped over ....

Ok dont think just the Admins are going to be sweating away getting things ready were looking for some help from.....

some one with CMS experience looking for a nice fancy new website to go with our all ready busy forum.

Some one who would be interested in doing some new art work, banner for website and spray's for the regs.

so if you have some idea's for either the website or logo for the new look festers place let me know

The new server is a dedicated box that we are renting from Killer Creation so we expect no more lag and some space expanding Fester's Place...

I just want to thank all the Reg's who play on Festers and to all the people who donated with out ye we still be a bottom of the pile crap server.....

Any questions? .... No! ....... Good!

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