And we REALLY want to party!!!

That’s right folks its nearly that time of year again!!

we will be celebrating our 5th year of FestersPlace TF2 community!

we are working on some ideas for a week long TF2 Extravaganza starting the 11th of March to the 18th of March. The actual day of birth is on the 13th!

there shall be music, games, competitions, beer, wine, weed, cig's, junk food! well the beer, wine, weed, cig's and food are BYO (bring your own) :D

So pencil it in your appointment books and get your party hat on!

:wave: :wave:


Thanks to CAMBO for setting us up on Twitter.  We have a small but increasing following at the moment and we are always happy for more.

You can find us here


on wednesday evening, there will be a party to celebrate Castors wedding. The man of the hour is to be married on friday and wish's to celebrate some of his last moments of being single on our fair server

The party gets started on Wednesday evening and an invite goes out to all to attend this fantastic occasion!!

See you on the karaoke!


Our very own _fell has taken it upon himself to organise a short but sweet 3v3 tournament to take place in the next couple of weeks. We encourage anyone who fancies it to sign up, old or new members alike. To sign up just go here:

Coco has done another well edited clip of his airshots..... check out dem skillz!

Click Image to Play

YouTube - Drink beer and hit airshots

Drink beer and hit airshots | Edited by Coco

You can always pas by his forum post and leave him some comments :)

Here's another clip by Coco.

Click Image to Play

YouTube - Meant to be Hard

Meant to be hard | Edited by Coco

As some of you know we have some pretty talented members in our community. One of those talents is producing frag movies. This is just one of them created by Coco.

Click Image to Play


Coconuts Vol.1 | TF2 Fragmovie


Movie produced by Coco


Cettu | A scout fragmovie | Edited by Coco [TF2]


Come on Come All!

on the 11th of March Festers Place will be 4 years young!

we want to celebrate such an event with friends old and new of the community, be sure to stop by for the biggest tf2 celebration on the internet!

"Dont have alot to say actually. Need to find a way to express my deep gratitude to you all.
Two times Amsterdam, I survived Jase, I am now confident to survive everything that turns on me now.
I am gladful to have met so many people online and in real life that are just great guys and girls.

A Thanks to Festers Place is a Thank you to all the people who ever donate money to the server,
suggested maps, game modes or songs, who did songs, created maps, skins and posters, who did work for the website, forum or the server, who organized amsterdam or parts of it, who joined the forum a posted a hello, who cheered or moaned on the bad or great singing on the server, who played an instrument, who played the radio, who did avatars, signatures or sprays, who joined the server and filled it up with invites, you see this list goes on forever.

Everyone that has ever visited the server has left a trace, and I appreaciate that, I appreaciate you all.

I thank Festers Place for hours of endless fun, for trips to amsterdam to meet people from around the world
and mostly for friends that i have made here.

All the love and much more from me here...."

By Llama@bad our local celebrity

Merry Christmas From Festers Place to You And Your Loved Ones! Laughing

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