This post contains information regarding the Fester's Place Team Fortress 2 server

First the rules -

The server is an alltalk server. Don't request that alltalk is disabled. It won't be.
At the same time, don't abuse that fact, ie do not mic spam. If you play sound samples or hog the mic excessively, you may be muted, kicked and/or banned.

Do not use offensive and/or pornographic sprays. If you do, you may be kicked and/or banned.

Players of all nationalities are welcome. but we ask that you speak english only please. Admins are always available to deal with problems so please play nice, and most of all have fun!

That's all the rules! Other than that, anything goes. Especially on friday night!

Fester's Place is a custom map server

All the maps that we play are automatically downloaded when you connect
If you want to get them yourself beforehand, to save that long wait, you can get them from

Fester's Place Maps

Download and extract to your tf2 maps folder. They are compressed using bzip2, so to uncompress use 7zip or bunzip or similar compression software that supports .bz2 files

The server runs HLStatsx Community Edition. You can view your stats by clicking on HLStats under the banner at the top of the page or by visiting HLStats for more information.

The current list of admins are

Game Admins

  • BBloke
  • dintbo(aka bosco)
  • Fester
  • JeFFeR
  • LazyEagle
  • MuG
  • Toco
  • __fell

Server/Forum Admins

  • BBloke
  • dintbo(aka bosco)
  • Fester
  • MuG

There is a public Steam Community Group at Festers Place STEAM Community
so feel free to add yourself to it.  We are also on myspace.com

A big respect to all that do and those who don't well, its not expected. All donations go directly to the game server running costs.

Happy killing all