Well, It's finally happen. Our Host KillerCreation has given us a new box and with that comes more powah!

We are now running on a 4 core Xeon cpu with 4gb of RAM and double the HDD space we had before.

Everything has been trasnferred across and all the maps that have ever touched FP has been re-uploaded to the server. We are hoping that nothing is broke but you just never know.

well, I know there may be a couple of posts missing. Sorry for that.. things didn't come across as well as expected on the forum but I don't think there was much traffic.

I notice the website is stretch to fill the screen width. I'll maybe look at that later on. There are other things to look at first.

Have fun all...

Round 3 of the Highlander Pub Competition has come and gone and sadly security on Round 4 was not secured for either teams.  BoF I put up an excellent fight forcing a decider on Viaduct against they who cannot be named, pzggpz and BoF III lost to Team 13 after a hard struggle.

Festers Place would like to thank all the Players for taking part.  Below is a list of each member in each team group

  • BBloke
  • Bowzie
  • Buttnose
  • Califax
  • Cettu
  • Chairman_Meow
  • Coco
  • d0n_th3_run_4ss4ss1n
  • dintbo(aka bosco)
  • Fester
  • JeFFeR
  • Sir Psycho Sexy
  • Terbulus
  • Toco
  • Toxer
  • Anubis
  • Aztec
  • Diggers
  • DragoonKnight
  • Easter_Bunny
  • Eledh
  • German
  • Ic3`
  • indivisible
  • Love Sausage
  • Mark3h
  • MuG
  • SmokeDef
  • Taekwon-joe
  • __fell
  • BlueBreadTruck
  • Califax
  • dreamachine
  • Emphatic
  • Enlil
  • Exterminatus
  • Kojent
  • mg-gloria
  • MistaKill
  • Oddrock
  • Pope
  • Professor Layton
  • Renax
  • Simme
  • T...
  • Tazic
  • thade
  • TheMasterOfDisaster
  • °*° Ten °*°

Last but certainly not least a huge big thanks to Califax for being THE linchpin for Festers Place during the whole competition.

Congrats to all for taking part and putting Festers Place on the map once again.

Before signing off a further pat on the back for Buttnose and Califax (again - the lad gets around) for starting their own little team.  Obsessive Compulsive Destruction or OCD// for short won the Division 6 league in their rookie year at 6 v 6.

Well done fellas.  Just to make sure we know who you are, here's a list:

  • Buttnose
  • Califax
  • Cettu
  • Coco
  • Easter_Bunny
  • Fester
  • Hard
  • MuG
  • Taekwon-joe
  • __fell

The second round of the highlander competition is over.  The round started with 128 teams and is now on its way to the 64 team stage (round 3).

At the moment I've only seen the BoFI STV demos and Team Wiki put a good defence but sadly fell on both Badwater and Steel.  Commisserations to Team Wiki.

BoFIII also move onto the third round stage after winning against Late Night Shinanigans.

The first round of the highlander competition is over.  The round started with 256 teams and is now on its way to the 128 team stage (round 2).

Sadly BoFII were knocked out on Nov 18th.  BoFI and BoFIII are still in it.

BoFI put up a great show and finished Upward in a quick time.  Gravelpit provided a little more of a headache but the came through.

BoFIII started poorly on upward only passing the first cap point and almost made it to the second.  Gravelpit was a different story and saw BoFIII's redemption and created a tie to move onto Viaduct.  They then steamrolled their way to victory and onto the next round.

Commiserations to BoFII.

Well done to BoFI and BoFIII.

So you may have noticed our very own BBloke ran a halloween competition during the scary weekend.  Well the winner is....

Halloween Compeition Winner 2010

Thanks to all for being great sports.  Congratulations to the winner, SpaceMonkey.  Of course he wouldn't have managed it without Cettu.

The prizes are as follows:

To the Submitter: Any TF2 Steam Store item(s) to the value of £15 GBP
To the Killer: Any TF2 Steam Store item(s) to the value of £7 GBP


Congratulations to our three Highlander teams who all made it through the first round of the Highlander competition. Down to 256 teams now, and our teams are looking strong, fighting fit and dashingly handsome.

Well done!


Here's 4 random picks from our Wallpaper Gallery and Custom Maps. Hope you like the selection.  Don't worry if you don't cos they change everytime you refresh.

  • Whizzpan!  » Click to zoom ->


  • Fire-afro  » Click to zoom ->


  •   » Click to zoom ->
  • Half Spy, half Pyro  » Click to zoom ->

    Half Spy, half Pyro

Do you think you can find the bug in all of this?!  Took me a little while but then I am slow!.

We first thought one wasn't enough. So we created two.  We soon out grew two and became three.

Festers Place community may well look small but it's packed tight with talent.  Unfortunately we can't speak of it because it would get some of us in serious trouble with our mums.

Check our Highlander forum for more details.

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