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As you know the server has been having difficulties since Friday 13th.  We have seen several fatal crashes which has interrupted all services.

Thankfully, Killer Creations have been unwavering in their support and have kindly given us a new server box to host our services on.

All the TF2 and L4D servers have been transferred and all the forum and website stuff has been moved over to the new box.  This should ensure a pain free gaming experience as well as a seamless continuation of forum access.

It has been unfortunately that a hardware issue has caused so much upheival but we have endured and come out the other side with everything intact.

Big thanks go out to Jase for all the transferring during the wee small hours, to Killer Creations for some fantastic out of hours support.

Well Guys one year ago today Festers Place community went live.. and we are still going strong.. here is hopping we see you all on the servers tonight for some birthday cheer..

A huge thanks to all those who made us what we are from the guys with there tech skills to the friendly people who donate to the people who play regularly on the server

Festers place Thanks you all

Happy Birthday

The February website competition is now at a close.  The votes are in and the overall winner is: Chairman Meow.

His winning screenshot has been posted up in our Website Background gallery as well as adorning our website :).

You can check out other entries here as well as posting your own Festers Place screenshot in March's competition.

Well done Chairman Meow from all at Festers Place.

We have revised our map rotation list to add a little spice and hopefully change the time frame during a daily period.  You can see our current rotation here.

Thanks to Supernova for his time, effort and artistic eye on this fine creation.  Fester's Place is proud to announce a new Custom Signature Block for HLx Community Stats edition.

You can read more about it here or try the generator here.

Great Supernova.  An excellent addition to the community.

Fester's Place is looking for a new website background image.  It's a bit of a competition that, with interest, we hope to run every month.  As with any competition there are rules and you can read more here.

Del has found a nice little feature via a URL to open our very own Fester's Place Group Chat window.

We have added this link to the top of the web site side bar but what we would really like is an image.  Something that is easy to see and helps and draws attention to it.

If anyone would like to take up the challenge of making one we'd love to use it.

Please visit our forums and post your fine work at this thread

We have implemented a map rating system for the Back Yard server while running the mapmaking contest rotation

It works like this -

20 minutes into a round, after your next death, a menu pops up asking the user to rate the map from 1-5
So you have had a chance to run about the map, and you only get harassed for your opinion in spawn. That's the theory anyway!

You can call up the ratings menu at any time to view, rate or rerate a map. This can be done by typing !maprate in chat
You can also view the ratings ingame by typing !maprating

The ratings can also be viewed here on the site by clicking on map ratings above

Jased10s found a very useful forum post regarding the ingame scoreboard and how to get it to list 32 players. So now you can see all players without the bottom few getting chopped off

Del very kindly made it even easier to implement.

Download me first!

Download and extract to your Steam\steamapps\accountname\team fortress 2\tf\resource folder (Same as for the custom GameMenu) after extraction, there should be a ui folder with one file, ScoreBoard.res

Job Done and nice work guys for finding and making it so easy!

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