Once again. Festers is striving for bigger and better. Well better as we are already 32 player stacking!

We have a new dedicated Linux server up and running just like the old box. We are hopeful this will give a better (less laggy) gaming experience.

Why not join us on Friday Night from 8pm for a bit of chaotic gaming and banter!

Server IP:

See you then.

This is what it looks like when you know you cannot win!

Picture by AMDEAD. Movie streamed by BBloke



We have stumped up for a nice new 32 slot server so more folks can enjoy the crack that is Fester Place.

New server details:

32 Slot :

We are installing custom maps which are server downloadable (awaiting testing) - so no more downloading and installing them yourselves.

Alas, due to technical issues within the game, Karaoke will be no more!

It wouldn't be a Festers party without a little map called Avanti and we wouldn't wish to disappoint.  Well, we try not to.

Unforunately the gameserver hosted on Ping Perfect aint quite what we are used to.  Having custom maps is great but we just cant make them download to you quick enough to make it work.

So, here's the thing.  You are gonna have to download the maps and install them on your game yourself.  It's pretty straight foward (ish) but if you want Avanti, you'll have to do it!

Download the maps from the links below:




Open the ZIP files and extract the files in the appropriate place(s). This is usually in your steamapp\common\tf2\maps (I think).

Hopefully, if everyone has the map pre-installed then we can all play and enjoy the car crash that is Avanti!

PS: Karaoke may live again! 

Be apart of our forum and see what maps we've added

Fester has said it himself.  

Its unusual times, so why not do unusual things.

A popped a server back online. Very basic, All talk, Insta Re-spawn, Standard map rotation.

Just a space to enjoy sometime away from the troubles of today's world.

Only rule is if you pop on the server, you've to invite a friend on too :)

In memory of Jason.

So Festers Place has a new home, new server with the same old giggling nutters shooting each other and throwing obscentities around.  Tonight, 31st March, the doors opened and they came to conquer!

Don't be shy, at the time of writing this it is April Fool's day and that just means there's more fun to share.

Hope to catch you on the server again.

Here's a little game you can play whilst bored.  It's about predictions and who will win each game during the group stages of the World Cup.  Post up your predictions and the program does the rest.  It'll calculate the scores you deserve and give you a league table on how you are doing.

Check it out!

PS: There was some issues regarding registrations which have been sorted.  Thanks to "root" for letting me know and help in testing and fixing.

PPS: Can you believe it.  Those darn web pixies have been messing again and things got a little screwed up.  Fear not.  They've been shot and the damage repaired with a few updates to the comp code.

If you haven't noticed There's a couple of new columns on the league table.  It not only tracks your position but shows you whether you've moved up or down.  It wll also show you whether you have made any predictions.

This friday we will be holding a get together on the new server provided by Master! bring your supplies!! there shall be good craic, games and with luck some great competions!! :)

tell one tell all!! we shall see ye there ;)

Festers Place has gone F2P!!! a huge thanks to Jeffer and Master for helping insure our community lives for many more years! These two fantastic men have provided the community with free webhosting and a free game server.


Huge thanks to the guys for stepping in and helping out!

After much deliberation we have decided it was time to change the decor.  We've kept all the fixtures and fittings and spruced things up a little.  As with any decorating somethings have had to go.  So with a new streamlined server and web host we are proud to let you know...

We are still here!

We are still Festers Place!

and we'll always remember you.

Big thanks go out to Jeffer for being our Web Host.
Big thanks to the Manager and the admin team.  You know who you ALL are.

Last but not least a big thank you to the whole community.  It's a place you've all helped make home.

We've tried to make it as easy as possible to find us.  So take a look right and you'll see a link to get you on our server.

And we REALLY want to party!!!

That’s right folks its nearly that time of year again!!

we will be celebrating our 5th year of FestersPlace TF2 community!

we are working on some ideas for a week long TF2 Extravaganza starting the 11th of March to the 18th of March. The actual day of birth is on the 13th!

there shall be music, games, competitions, beer, wine, weed, cig's, junk food! well the beer, wine, weed, cig's and food are BYO (bring your own) :D

So pencil it in your appointment books and get your party hat on!

:wave: :wave:


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