Congratulations to our three Highlander teams who all made it through the first round of the Highlander competition. Down to 256 teams now, and our teams are looking strong, fighting fit and dashingly handsome.

Well done!


Here's 4 random picks from our Wallpaper Gallery and Custom Maps. Hope you like the selection.  Don't worry if you don't cos they change everytime you refresh.

  • Whizzpan!  » Click to zoom ->


  •   » Click to zoom ->
  • Hoooweee!!! I just lost something here  » Click to zoom ->

    Hoooweee!!! I just lost something here

  •   » Click to zoom ->

Do you think you can find the bug in all of this?!  Took me a little while but then I am slow!.

We first thought one wasn't enough. So we created two.  We soon out grew two and became three.

Festers Place community may well look small but it's packed tight with talent.  Unfortunately we can't speak of it because it would get some of us in serious trouble with our mums.

Check our Highlander forum for more details.

Contrary to popular belief Fester's Place has some pretty decent players.  So many infact they decided to band together and give ETF2L Highlander a go.

We had so many sign ups it felt only proper to create 2 teams.  It's all for laughs and giggles and you can read how unorganised we are here.

First things first though.. we needed a name see what we came up with.

Congratulations to John Freeman for coming 3rd in Valve's Propaganda Poster Contest.  Valve have finally gotten around to issuing the prizes and here it is.


John Freeman's 3rd Prize Hat

Wear it with pride John Freeman.

Valve have started to allow users to offer up custom content to be added into the Team Fortress 2 world.  I'm not going to go into too much detail 'cos you can read all about it on the Team Fortress 2 website.

There's been a lot of talk on the forums and some of us have moan, some of us have come up with a few ideas. One member has sent in his own HUGE contribution.

Smoke Def's Mundschutz

We are hoping Valve add this little gem to the game and keep our fingers-crossed for SmokeDef.  You can see more of his great 3d item artwork in his own Contributions gallery as well as his great Propaganda poster.  He was just missed out being placed for his propaganda poster but our very own John Freeman won 2nd Prize for his depiction.

Good Luck SmokeDef from all at Festers Place. :)

It's finally arrived, Christmas Day.  Wrapping paper adorns the floor.  Bits of plastic stuck firmly in the carpet and there's never enough batteries when you need em.  Same ol' story just another year.

So from all of us at Festers Place we would like to wish all you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  It's been an awesome year with some great changes along the way.  Here are some bits to remind you stoners what we've been through:

  1. Server had a virus so we had to migrate everything to a new box.
  2. We got a new website design with some nice tweaks.
  3. Supernova crafted his awesome supersigs for HLXStat:CE
  4. Deciding to upgrade to a solid Core2Duo CPU was money well spent.  More migrating!
  5. Numerous TF2 Updates to most classes (except Engy.. Yay!)
  6. John Freeman came 3rd in Valve's Propaganda competition.
  7. Jase gave his PC a beer shower but it was really an excuse to upgrade.
  8. Fester finally installed his new wireless gear to bring him into the new age of broadband and consistent low pings.

Keep On Fragging!

Ok. So you've moan and belly ached long enough and now you can have what you want.  YOU can chose the map rotation.  It's pretty easy and relatively simply so no moaning that it isn't.

We have devised a web page that allows you to pick the maps you like and then copy and paste your results back to the forum so we can collate the results.

Here's how you do it.

  1. Goto this page: User Map Selection (found in the Map Stuff)
  2. Put a checkbox at the side of the maps you would like to see in the rotation. (Limit it to 10 maps)
  3. Click "Generate"
  4. Copy the text from the box and post it back to this thread

I selected the first 5 maps and here they are:



We will probably add in a few typical Festers Place maps to keep it as we all know and love so don't be disappointed if all of the fav maps are not included.  This is your chance to have your say and pick our rotation.

John Freeman of our community has been awarded 3rd place for his entry into the propaganda contest held by the TF2 team at valve. a huge congratz to him.


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