Highlander Cup Stage Round 1

The first round of the highlander competition is over.  The round started with 256 teams and is now on its way to the 128 team stage (round 2).

Sadly BoFII were knocked out on Nov 18th.  BoFI and BoFIII are still in it.

BoFI put up a great show and finished Upward in a quick time.  Gravelpit provided a little more of a headache but the came through.

BoFIII started poorly on upward only passing the first cap point and almost made it to the second.  Gravelpit was a different story and saw BoFIII's redemption and created a tie to move onto Viaduct.  They then steamrolled their way to victory and onto the next round.

Commiserations to BoFII.

Well done to BoFI and BoFIII.