World Cup 2014 Football Comp

Here's a little game you can play whilst bored.  It's about predictions and who will win each game during the group stages of the World Cup.  Post up your predictions and the program does the rest.  It'll calculate the scores you deserve and give you a league table on how you are doing.

Check it out!

PS: There was some issues regarding registrations which have been sorted.  Thanks to "root" for letting me know and help in testing and fixing.

PPS: Can you believe it.  Those darn web pixies have been messing again and things got a little screwed up.  Fear not.  They've been shot and the damage repaired with a few updates to the comp code.

If you haven't noticed There's a couple of new columns on the league table.  It not only tracks your position but shows you whether you've moved up or down.  It wll also show you whether you have made any predictions.