MuG said

I found tf2 in the orange box in a free package that arrived with the ati 2900xt i built for a friend. Him being one of a few crazy lanheads i live with, after wed got his new rig running we fired up steam and started up tf2. A few days/weeks before that fester had called down to the gaf and was chattin bout the craic he was havin on this 2fort 24/7 server. I then joined the game there and got severely addicted to this random madness.
The first great shittalk sessions originally spawned on the 24/7 2fort server, That then blossomed into an encyclopedia of random bullshit and a network of crazy people much like myself who love to blast away the cold winter evenings with lots of tokin' n explodiin'. Festers Place Ahoy! Land ho!
As long as theres still shit to talk and people out of their mind enough in various ways to take their many hard earned hours out of each day, There will always be Festers Place!