It wouldn't be a party without Avanti

It wouldn't be a Festers party without a little map called Avanti and we wouldn't wish to disappoint.  Well, we try not to.

Unforunately the gameserver hosted on Ping Perfect aint quite what we are used to.  Having custom maps is great but we just cant make them download to you quick enough to make it work.

So, here's the thing.  You are gonna have to download the maps and install them on your game yourself.  It's pretty straight foward (ish) but if you want Avanti, you'll have to do it!

Download the maps from the links below:




Open the ZIP files and extract the files in the appropriate place(s). This is usually in your steamapp\common\tf2\maps (I think).

Hopefully, if everyone has the map pre-installed then we can all play and enjoy the car crash that is Avanti!

PS: Karaoke may live again! 

Be apart of our forum and see what maps we've added