Del said

My first experience of TF2 was sitting at Ruairios pc and testing it out.
My very first impression was spawning in 2fort and seeing a soldier shovel-taunting at the wall before running out into the fray. I just started laughing. That was the start of a beautiful friendship.

I met Fester a few days later and conversation came around to TF2 and how much it rocked. A couple of days later I got an email from him "You have received a gift" Spam? no! a copy of TF2.

The first night I played it I followed Fester to this 24/7 2fort server, where I had an awesome time with some chatty english bloke called Jase "lets meet in the courtyard and fuck 'em up", a couple of the jonnies and some of the other regs. That was it, hooked. When Jase and Fester set up Fester's Place I had no idea what it would become. Now I am a junkie.

Thanks again Fester, best gift evaaaar!! Permanently indebted.