These are the comments posted by our regular players.

I'd been play TF2 since it came out but didn't find this place until January this year.

I found this server through the Internet tab of steam as it had instaspawn and a free space.

After logging on I realised that people were actually talking. Not (just!) bitching at the noobs on the server who didnt know how to uber yet but actual conversations.

It was this that hooked me.

The mulit-cultural, multi-national, multi-ways-of-getting-off-your-face place for everyone!

I remember it back on the old 2Fort server, Jased moaning his head off about no medics, and just generally talking crap. But the reason I stayed: People talked to each other! I was new to online gaming so was trying out servers, but was not seeing how it was that different to single player stuff, as essentially it was me running around killing opponents as in HL2, (or them killing me as it used to be at the start). Then I found 24/7 2fort, and PEOPLE TALKED TO EACH OTHER. And it was fun, and the banter was quality. This, I told myself is what online gaming should be about, not in solitude killing others. Then we moved to Fester's Place (and Fester's Place 2) and the rest, as they say, is history.

I came along because every drunken session I've been to with Eagle and/or Dintbo over the last 8 months they've raved about you lot. I think the story Eagle told about someone (Jased?) using the excuse that they shat themselves in work in order to go home early to play swung it for me, along with Dintbo being so excited about the meet-up.

Been having a ball since. Great atmosphere on the server, very welcoming, and the shite talk is hilarious (but very, very wrong).

I thrive on good communities. Every online game i play has either sucked me in or pushed me away via the people i meet there.
MoHAA: Over 600 hours played.
BF2142: Over 400 hours played.
TF2: Roughly 420 hours so far.

Back on the old 24/7 2fort i found a group of people who were fun, and mature (-ish), who genuinely loved playing the game. Once Festers Place kicked off proper i saw a group growing that i wanted to be part of, where it's always good times. Where everybody knows your name.
Little did i know the group was actually populated by lunatics who barely hid their madness beneath a thin layer of respectability. I was of course, delighted.

I discovered Fester’s Place one Sunday last Spring. Used to play on a US server, but that afternoon it was empty so went searching for a new one!
I came across this wonderful place with the regulars chatting away and giving out to each other. There was the grumpy Canadian guy (Toco), the grumpy Irish guy (Ruario), and the happy out English guy (Jase). Soon I realised that there were a lot more fun regulars than I’d ever seen on any other server, and once I confirmed that the “Be here with beer” message wasn’t just some pussy internet boast, I recognised that I had found my new online home.

Fester’s Place is more than just a game server, its a social club mixed with a support group, all within the walls of an online pub…..only with explosions!

A winters night late October, I visited Jased10s's humble abode for a bit of banter and a few tasty toots! After some banter about cats sucking his nipples he sat me down in front of his computer for my first play of Team Fortress 2.

I spent 4 months on a 24/7 ctf_2 Fort server where Jased10s admined. I meet such character’s as Advent, Johnimus, Jonnywhy, Baggie, Black Feather and many more there. After many months of drunken behavior on this server a new server was born Fester's Place. Since its creation i have chatted and gamed with some wonderful odd people and i am sure i will be spending many more hours, months, Years of play on a server which has provided some of the funniest conversations that have ever entered my ears. Huzzah for All Talk!