Fester said

A winters night late October, I visited Jased10s's humble abode for a bit of banter and a few tasty toots! After some banter about cats sucking his nipples he sat me down in front of his computer for my first play of Team Fortress 2.

I spent 4 months on a 24/7 ctf_2 Fort server where Jased10s admined. I meet such character’s as Advent, Johnimus, Jonnywhy, Baggie, Black Feather and many more there. After many months of drunken behavior on this server a new server was born Fester's Place. Since its creation i have chatted and gamed with some wonderful odd people and i am sure i will be spending many more hours, months, Years of play on a server which has provided some of the funniest conversations that have ever entered my ears. Huzzah for All Talk!