Merry Xmas from all of us!

It's finally arrived, Christmas Day.  Wrapping paper adorns the floor.  Bits of plastic stuck firmly in the carpet and there's never enough batteries when you need em.  Same ol' story just another year.

So from all of us at Festers Place we would like to wish all you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  It's been an awesome year with some great changes along the way.  Here are some bits to remind you stoners what we've been through:

  1. Server had a virus so we had to migrate everything to a new box.
  2. We got a new website design with some nice tweaks.
  3. Supernova crafted his awesome supersigs for HLXStat:CE
  4. Deciding to upgrade to a solid Core2Duo CPU was money well spent.  More migrating!
  5. Numerous TF2 Updates to most classes (except Engy.. Yay!)
  6. John Freeman came 3rd in Valve's Propaganda competition.
  7. Jase gave his PC a beer shower but it was really an excuse to upgrade.
  8. Fester finally installed his new wireless gear to bring him into the new age of broadband and consistent low pings.

Keep On Fragging!