Our Map Rotation - Have your say

Ok. So you've moan and belly ached long enough and now you can have what you want.  YOU can chose the map rotation.  It's pretty easy and relatively simply so no moaning that it isn't.

We have devised a web page that allows you to pick the maps you like and then copy and paste your results back to the forum so we can collate the results.

Here's how you do it.

  1. Goto this page: User Map Selection (found in the Map Stuff)
  2. Put a checkbox at the side of the maps you would like to see in the rotation. (Limit it to 10 maps)
  3. Click "Generate"
  4. Copy the text from the box and post it back to this thread

I selected the first 5 maps and here they are:



We will probably add in a few typical Festers Place maps to keep it as we all know and love so don't be disappointed if all of the fav maps are not included.  This is your chance to have your say and pick our rotation.