Payload Contest Maps at Festers Place

Ok Jased10s has uploaded the contest maps posted on the site. A few of them are updated versions of ones we allready have ( zig/cashworks ). Lets give them a twirl and support these great map makers. The map list at the moment is only available through in game request but they may well hit the map rotation in time.

Here are the names:

  • pl_cashworks_b2
  • pl_frontier_b2
  • pl_halfacre_rc
  • pl_repository_b6
  • pl_reservoir_1_6a
  • pl_stovepipe_b3
  • pl_tranquility_alpha1
  • pl_vipersden_b1
  • pl_zig

These maps are quite large and it may be worth your while preinstalling them to you PC.  Here's a handy link to help you on your way