Server trouble and down time

As you know there has been an intermitment issue with map changes on the server. Even tough Valve have announced that it is an issue and is being investigated we have strived to check our server to ensure your gaming enjoyment.

Unfortunately during these checks we have found an infection, although annoying and generally harmless it needs cleaning.

As of 11pm GMT Festers Place Servers have been taken down so intensive maintenance can be made. This is a situation that will "take as long as it takes" but we will keep you informed as to what is happening.

We would like to thank everyone who has become a part of Fester's Place and we look forward to seeing you back as soon as things are up and running.

UPDATE: Server has been rully repaired and reinstalled with great speed thanks to Del and Killer Creations.  Hats off to them both for giving their time and commitment.