View TF2 Stats Graphically

Our great server admin god, Del has come across this great little program.  It allows you to view your TF2 stats in more detail.

You can download from our Vault

To get it to work, download it and extract it somewhere. Choose one of the 3 TF2Stats.exe’s based on your .NET framework version (if you’re unsure, launch NET 2).

Hit “Load”, then open up *your steam directory*\SteamApps\*your steam name*\team fortress 2\tf\tf2_playerstats.dmx. And you have it!

NOTE! It seems that the stats viewer isn’t always reporting death values properly, so if it says you have a kill:death ratio of 9.9, something is probably wrong. Unless you’re that good. It worked fine for me, but fellow ubercharger General Balls reported crazy-inflated stats. It’s not the Stats Viewer’s fault, but rather because of a faulty tf2_playerstats.dmx. I can’t help you there.

But for all you know, you’ll find some very interesting stats about how you play. I, for one, just realized how bad I am at scout looking at those stats. Wow. That’s crazy talk. I think I’ll sticky (bad pun) with the Black Scottish Cyclops until further notice…

Nice find Del :)

Well typed too soon.  Del has found an alternative to the above.  This one comes complete with a nice picture viewer and stuff.

You can get that one from The Unofficial Team Fortress 2 Stats Parser