Left 4 Dead Demo Servers

L4D Demo

There are two servers running at the minute, we will leave them running for the duration of the demo (until the 18th or so)

You wont find them in the server browser, we want to keep them for Fester's Place regulars, but not password protected

You can find them at

  • l4d.festersplace.com:27017
  • l4d.festersplace.com:27018

Both are set to hard difficulty, to connect to them enable developer console by going to Options, then Keyboard/Mouse, then 'Enable Developer Console'.

After that, hit the ~ key to open up the console and type in connect l4d.festersplace.com:port where port is one of the above

You can then add to your favs so you dont need to do that again

Remember: You can change the settings during your game by calling a vote.  Hit ESC to call up the menu and select Call a Vote.